About Us

The main and the first building (Havuzlu Mansion), right at the entrance, is located in a traditional room section. In two floors, in the middle hall opened large volumes of air-conditioned rooms have been completely still life with traditional decor. The entrance, on the left large portions, great hall awaits guests with a unique pool inside. The pool will be carried out on brass trays, breakfast, an afternoon tea or coffee to drink, it takes guests to the distinct world.

It was like a pool hall, a corner of paradise and bowl with water that fills the pool its lion's mouth giving a constant gurgle of flowing spirit of tranquility and peace of mind from the tap.This experience will make the guests hearth flying towards the vastness of history. The window and flowers from processed calico curtains that filtered daylight, the world will bringing in all the bright green of nature inside. placed in front of cedar and crystal-sparkling rubbed polished tray on top of sequence traditional Chinese bowls, brass candle-holders who and at night their candle lights, twinkling like corals, here, like anywhere else without presents us of a fairy-tale image. the mansion has been design to allow you to the backyard through the cellar, a large restaurant with a large quarry.the terrace has the capacity to serve delicious food for 300 people in nice warm sunny summer days.

Traditionally furnished rooms in the mansion, Safranbolu's all calm, be able to live and enjoy the taste. The rugs on wooden floors, until the copper from the shelves, everything here is original. circulating cedar front of the window, creating a unity with brass bedsteads. The second section, the first and main yard entrance gate, large garden located in the beautiful and historic building right end (Asmazlar Mansion).

In the spring of 1999 it added in this section, both the rooms and the whole personality of the main building with a characteristic, both formed in the middle of the hall recovered and bathrooms are very spacious and comfortable. The third link in the chain, a small and charming building on the other side of the road "Small mansion". Accommodation capacity in line with the aim of enhancing, without departing from the Havuzlu mansion, a place to enjoy the same can be tasted.. Havuzlu Mansion, the needed products and services to customers, as well as the social responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction with attractive price policy, the need of accommodation and both restaurant services is to achieve a standard of service that exceeds customer expectations.

Dear guests, welcome to your home in the comfort of you who have a goal Havuzlu Mansion. Our staff during your stay you will be in an effort to provide the highest quality service.

Asmazlar Mansion as family, we believe we can make a difference to our guests with unorthodox practices to provide the best comfort. We have to be family members living in the same house with you, we thought.

You have put the householder position in this family. starting from the welcome, hospitality tray in our room, our practices, our mini-bar, mini-surprises in our breakfast also targeted human health carpets, bedding and textiles, we want to feel our selection and our difference is our totally friendly staff.

Describing all the differences in our mansion, your name written letters will be sent to you upon check-in process.

Our goal is to make you feel at your homes in Safranbolu and you will feel with this farewell.

The recommendations we receive from you to upgrade our service quality will be our happiness ...

Murat EPLİ
Havuzlu Asmazlar Mansion General Manager