Havuzlu Asmazlar Mansion, which was left empty for a long time and then used as a monopoly storehouse due to its size, was purchased by the Touring and Automobile Association of Turkey in 1975. Touring opened it as the first boutique hotel of Anatolia by carrying out the restoration works in 1988.


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We have gathered the natural beauties, historical places, and museums that you must see during your Safranbolu trip. During your travels or holidays, you can have an authentic experience by staying at the Havuzlu Asmazlar Mansion, the first boutique hotel of Anatolia, and at the same time, you can go on a historical journey in the unique places offered by the city, having entered the Unesco World Heritage List.


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Safranbolu and The Havuzlu Asmazlar Mansion

Safranbolu and The Havuzlu Asmazlar Mansion

Safranbolu, which is one of the few settlements that preserves the characteristics of our Anatolia, was brought to the agenda by our scientists, culture and art people.

Renovation of Safranbolu Mansions

Renovation of Safranbolu Mansions

Touring and Automobile Association of Turkey (TTOK), commenced the renovation works of totally 5 mansions on Safranbolu Beybagi Street.

Safranbolu'da Zaman Belgeseli

Time in Safranbolu

"Time in Safranbolu", which takes us on a time travel to the old mansions of 1976, is one of the most outstanding examples of city documentaries.

Excellent quality! Great vacation!

When I finished the street and turned left, the magnificence of the garden gate seemed to be awakening me from my century-old sleep, as if the gate called us "Welcome" with a sweet wind hum.

A Hotel Full of History!

We were very pleased with the hotel. It was within walking distance to the old market. The manager and his staff were very helpful and friendly.

Wonderful Experience!

It was a place where the historical mansion structure was carefully preserved, and all kinds of comfort were provided.